The Originals Episode 1x13 - Crescent City

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shoe20: "body" as Mulder said to Scully..."I believe" lol 8-) Feb 22, 2015 19:18:10 GMT -5
jennifer: Originals is great, watch it every week. It's almost a completely supernatural world though, with fewer restrictions on what characters get to do before morality is questioned. Same genre, different rules to TVD. Feb 24, 2015 14:26:24 GMT -5 *
shoe20: , that's the big difference in TO and TVD....They tried to pigion hole the vamps in TVD to strive for human morals..... TO has it's own code and it flows much easier.... 8-) Feb 25, 2015 15:17:01 GMT -5 *
crimmyj: Also michael narducci is a better showrunner, so there is that. Feb 25, 2015 17:15:55 GMT -5
crimmyj: being able to strive for human morals shouldn't hamstring the show, but actually give it more emotional turmoil. The writing is just better on TO, plan and simple. Feb 25, 2015 17:17:01 GMT -5
Ruby: I saw nightcrawler!!! it was pretty good Feb 25, 2015 19:34:15 GMT -5
Ruby: Originals I love the darker tone to it Feb 25, 2015 19:34:30 GMT -5
shoe20: : what a understatement that is about Michael....JP grabbed the cream...and the cream is what's keeping TO on top.....:))) Feb 25, 2015 21:07:35 GMT -5
jennifer: Important point , about JP taking the best from TVD for TO. I posted a rant on here somewhere about her now taking Chris Woods for one of her new shows. Sure, the guy has to take good parts when offered but JP can totally influence what happens to Feb 26, 2015 13:21:20 GMT -5
jennifer: Kai on TVD so he'll be available. Probably they'll leave it open-ended so if the show doesn't work he can come back to TVD Feb 26, 2015 13:22:21 GMT -5
crimmyj: That makes sense, Feb 26, 2015 22:44:08 GMT -5
dman24: : Robbing Peter to pay Paul. That's essential what JP did when she moved everyone over to The Originals. Feb 27, 2015 0:42:37 GMT -5 *
shoe20: "D", I liked John Doe...thanks... I usually not a fan of the documentry style movie, but this one worked... 8-) Feb 27, 2015 11:24:54 GMT -5
dman24: : No problem. I knew you would've liked it. Feb 28, 2015 7:45:26 GMT -5
dman24: "Fury" with Brad Pitt is a really good movie. It's about a tough commander and his tank division during the last days of World War 2. Check it out. , you'll like this one. Feb 28, 2015 20:06:37 GMT -5
shoe20: I already saw it "D"....very good movie.... what a stand at the end. 8-) Mar 1, 2015 12:09:25 GMT -5
dman24: : Yeah, definitely a great stand. Those guys from that era were some though bastards. Definitely appreciate and respect them. BTW, another movie I recommend is "The Last Stand." It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it's really good. Lots of action, Mar 1, 2015 16:31:15 GMT -5
dman24: guns, and car chases. I really enjoyed it. I've already watched it twice. Mar 1, 2015 16:32:59 GMT -5
shoe20: Now that's just strange, I thought I'd seen all of Arnold's movies, but I missed this one.... Thanks "D"... I don't care what any of the "coven" say, your all right guy. 8-) Mar 1, 2015 17:14:57 GMT -5
wednesday: REMINDER: ALL NEW ONCE UPON A TIME TONIGHT!!!! :D :D :D Mar 1, 2015 18:33:07 GMT -5